Name Position Title Phone Number Email Address
Portrait of Dexter Ballerda
Dexter Ballerda IT Programmer II (301) 405-8353
Portrait of Anntoinette Barbour
Anntoinette Barbour Program Coordinator - JIFSAN/CFS3 (301) 405-9470
Portrait of Alex Chang
Alex Chang IT Support (301) 314-6825
Portrait of Zhao Chen
Zhao (Jack) Chen Postdoctoral Research Associate (301) 405-2728
Portrait of Judy Cooper
Judy Cooper Coordinator - International Training Programs (301) 405-1696
Portrait of Mary Grimley
Mary Grimley Fiscal and Administrative Coordinator (301) 405-8434
Portrait of Dominique Knott
Dominique Knott Business Services Specialist (301) 405-7646
Portrait of Joon Lee
Joon Lee IT Systems Programmer (301) 405-8353
Portrait of Erica Mudd
Erica Mudd Coordinator (301) 405-1784
Portrait of David Pan
David Pan IT Programmer II (301) 314-6825
Portrait of Vernora Petty
Vernora (Nora) Petty Assistant to the Director (301) 405-8382
Portrait of Timothy Shaffer
Timothy Shaffer IT Systems Analyst (301) 314-6806
Portrait of Edward Trejo
Edward Trejo Admin Assistant (301) 405-2444
Solving food protection problems locally, regionally, and internationally