Advisory Council



To provide a venue for global information exchange and counsel in food safety and applied nutrition for (but not limited to) the following:

• Collaborative research that contributes to the development of science-based public health policies
• Sustainable partnerships for research, training, and outreach globally
• Capacity building in food safety and risk analysis through global training initiatives
• Educational resources for training in food safety and applied nutrition globally


To support JIFSAN-CFS3 through an active membership network, which offers counsel and exchange of information, providing clear benefits to all members of the public-private partnership.


JIFSAN-CFS3 becomes one of the premier global sources of scientific information and education programs on food safety and applied nutrition.

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2024 Membership


Erin Crowley, Q Laboratories


Vice-Chair, Advisory Council Chair, Programs and Emerging Issues:
Kevin Boyd, The Hershey Company

Vice-Chair, Programs and Emerging Issues:
Samuel (Sam) Zeller, Unilever

Chairperson, Membership Committee:
Donna Rosenbaum, Food Safety Partners, Ltd.

Corporate Members

Patrizia Barone, Regional Regulatory Affairs Director, Unilever

Alternate: Samuel (Sam) Zeller, Unilever

Chad Weida, Associate Director, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Nutrition

Erin Crowley, Chief Scientific Officer, Q Laboratories

Kevin Boyd, Manager, Allergens and Toxicology, The Hershey Company

Katherine Kotrola, Global Director, Food Safety Microbiology, McCormick & Company

Trevor Phister, Principal Scientist, PepsiCo International

Alternate: Arnab Sarkar, Senior Director, Food Saftey, Global Research and Development, PepsiCo International

George Pugh, Vice President, Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, The Coca-Cola Company

Other Members

Donna Rosenbaum, Consultant, Food Safety Partners, Ltd.

Anthony O. “Tony” Flood, Director, Food Safety & Defense, International Food Information Council

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Past Events

Photos - 2024 Spring Advisory Council Meeting

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