Name Position Title Phone Number Email Address
Dr. Meng Picture
Jianghong Meng, DVM, MPVM, Ph.D. Director (301) 405-8382 jmeng@umd.edu
Dr. Biswas Picture
Debabrata Biswas, Ph.D. Associate Professor, UM - Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, CFS3 (301) 405-3791 dbiswas@umd.edu
Dr. Micallef Picture
Shirley Micallef, Ph.D. Associate Professor, UM - Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, CFS3 301-405-4369 smicall@umd.edu
Dr. Narrod Picture
Clare Narrod, Ph.D. Research Scientist and Manager, Risk Analysis Program (301) 405-1780 cnarrod@umd.edu
Dr. Pradhan Picture
Abani K. Pradhan, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Program UM - Department of Nutrition and Food Science, CFS3 (301) 405-4502 akp@umd.edu
Dr. Rushing Picture
James Rushing, Ph.D. Director, International Food Safety Training Programs
Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN)
(941) 201-4603 rushingj@umd.edu
Solving food protection problems locally, regionally, and internationally