Apr 7, 2015

CFS3 Partners with University of Sao Paulo to Protect Global Food Supply

To help enhance the safety of the global food supply, the University of Maryland's Center for Food Safety and Security Systems (CFS3) is formally partnering with the University of Sao Paulo’s Food Research Center (FoRC) in Brazil. Leaders of the two university’s centers recently established a Memorandum of Understanding to promote their mutual interests.
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International Food Security: A Look at the Next Decade

Across the globe, how are low- and middle-income countries faring in the ability to feed their populations? The International Food Security Assessment, released annually by the Economic Research Service (ERS), is the only report to provide a 10-year projection of food security in these countries. Since the 1980s, ERS has been conducting research and reporting on food security in countries most likely to face food security challenges.

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Focus on Food Security and Nutrition in Ghana

Ghana was selected as a focus country for Feed the Future. The University of Maryland's Department of Nutrition and Food Science is getting students involved in food security issues in Africa starting with a new study abroad course which will take an in-depth look at food security and nutrition in Ghana.

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Miao Guo Awarded Ann G. Wylie Fellowship

Miao Guo has been awarded the Ann G. Wylie Fellowship.

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Mary Callahan Awarded IAFP Travel Scholarship

Mary Callahan was awarded a travel scholarship for the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) annual meeting in 2015.

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April 7th is World Health Day 2015: Food Safety

World Health Day will be celebrated on the 7th of April, with WHO highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety under the slogan "From farm to plate, make food safe."

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World Health Day 2015: Food Safety

On April 7, 2015 WHO will celebrate its main annual advocacy event - World Health Day (WHD) - with “food safety” as the theme. The occasion also marks the World Health Organization’s birthday. The main focus of this event will be to demonstrate the importance of food safety along the whole length of the food chain in a globalized world, from production and transport, to preparation and consumption.

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The World Health Organization: Five Keys to Safer Food

This short video explains the WHO Five Keys to Safer Food.

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