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Survey of Mid-Atlantic Farms for Analysis of Foodborne Pathogens in Tomatoes, Irrigation Water and Soil Samples 

Influence of fecally contaminated irrigation water and growing events on microbial loads of field-grown tomatoes       

Comparative transmission from contaminated irrigation water on field-grown spinach and lettuce

A microbiological survey of small- and medium-sized produce farms in Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey


In-Field transfer and survival of indicator E. coli from wildlife feces to Romaine lettuce


Quantitative risk assessment for Escherichia coli O157:H7 in fresh-cut lettuce



Survey of Salmonella, Shiga toxin-producing E. coli and indicator bacteria during pre-harvest tomato production in the Mid-Atlantic  

Simulation of Wildlife Fecal Contamination of Romaine Lettuce by Indicator E. coli


 The effect of UV Radiation on Survival of Salmonella enterica in Drid Manure Dust


Microbiological Assessment of Conventionally grown Leafy Greens in the Mid-Atlantic Region


Solving food protection problems locally, regionally, and internationally